Bonus! Episode 8: Season Recap and Fall Preview!

Season Recap and Fall Preview!

In this bonus episode, we reflect on where we’ve been so far, share episode highlights, and preview what’s to come on the L&S Exchange Podcast.

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The L&S Exchange Podcast is brought to you by L&S Teaching & Learning Administration and produced by the Instructional Design Collaborative. This podcast is recorded on ancestral Ho-Chunk land, a place their nation has called Teejop (day-JOPE) since time immemorial.

Join the Conversation

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Conversation Starters

  1. What stands out to you from the season so far? What anecdote or story made an impact on you and why?
  2. Is there a technique or tip that you heard that you’d like to try in your own teaching or work? How might you put a personal twist on it?
  3. How have your beliefs and attitudes about inclusive teaching been supported or challenged? What are you curious to know more about?
  4. Where would you like to see the Exchange Podcast go next? What stories do you want to hear?

Further Reading & Resources

In this episode we mentioned, were inspired by, or wondered about the following resources and topics.

  • For other stories from instructors about purposeful and authentic vulnerability in the classroom, check out this podcast episode from Teaching in Higher Ed on Building Community in the College Classroom.
  • In Chapter 6 of Culturally Responsive Teaching and the Brain author Zaretta Hammond describes a warm demander and research supporting this stance, first documented by Judith Kleinfeld in 1975. Hammond writes, “Personal warmth and authentic concern exhibited by the teacher earns her the right to demand engagement and effort.” Culturally Responsive Teaching and the Brain is available through the UW Libraries. The SAGE Encyclopedia of Classroom Management provides a short overview of Warm Demanders, which is available online through the UW Libraries.

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