The L&S Exchange

The Exchange is an initiative aimed at supporting the teaching excellence priorities of L&S. We offer structured and engaging materials to assist academic departments, teaching teams, and small groups in exploring ideas and learning together. Our goal is to highlight voices, examples, and expertise from across L&S to inform conversations and inspire action.

Our current focus is on the many dimensions of inclusive teaching within the College of Letters & Science.

Explore research & local examples

Reflect personally and collectively

Discuss ideas with peers

Take Action with new strategies

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The Exchange Podcast

The Exchange podcast is all about teaching in the UW-Madison College of Letters & Science. The podcast features instructors from across our College as they share stories of success, ongoing challenges, and their perspectives on a range of topics in teaching and learning.


Immerse yourself in short episodes featuring L&S instructors. Show Notes pages share supplemental resources and research.



Listen to an episode on your own or with a group. Then use our Conversation Starters to discuss key ideas with colleagues.


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Time Required

Plan 30 minutes to listen, plus 30 to 60 minutes to discuss with your group.


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The Exchange Teaching Network

The Exchange Teaching Network is a light and flexible framework for peers to pursue teaching excellence together. The network features research, examples and quotes from peers in L&S, opportunities for you to reflect and contribute, and questions to guide reflection and discussion.


Explore interactive online materials that feature research, local examples, reflection questions, and discussion guides.



Engage in personal reflection or employ our Discussion Guides for a more in-depth team or departmental exploration of the subject.


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Time Required

Plan to spend 1 hour exploring materials, and 1-2 hours in discussion.


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The L&S Exchange is sponsored by L&S Associate Dean for Teaching & Learning, Shirin Malekpour, and designed by the L&S Instructional Design Collaborative.