The guides below cover a variety of topics important to our work. In each guide, we highlight connections between evidence-backed practices and our teaching, learning, and technology ecosystem within L&S. When you have questions, consider scheduling a consultation. We are happy to partner with you in brainstorming, and help you set up solutions that work for you and your students.

Awarding Extra Credit in Canvas

Instructors often want to incorporate extra credit at the end of the semester. See our recommendations for the best way to integrate extra credit into your existing Canvas grading arrangement.

Mid-Semester Evaluations

Implementing a short survey in the middle of the semester is a way to gather qualitative information from your students beyond assignments and grades to ensure success in the second half of the semester.

Absorb, Do, Connect Framework

This framework from William Horton can help guide activity design, creating a course rhythm, and other decisions in structuring active learning.

Our OUD Course Design Process

If you will be working with an IDC designer on a new course for an Online Undergraduate Degree Program, this Orientation is a great way to learn more about our process, and an essential part of onboarding.

Remote Teaching Resources

Two toolkits, created in 2020 and 2021, provide foundational resources for instructors teaching remotely. Access these for Canvas templates, design documents, and technology recommendations.