Service Areas

Course Technology and Design Help

Our team helps L&S instructors select and use technologies to enhance teaching and learning, and support the design of course activities and assignments. Our goal is to help create deep and rigorous learning experiences that draw upon the evidence-based learning experience design. We are committed to helping instructors choose realistic and sustainable technology in support of learning outcomes, helping to develop a stable support structure, and providing training while designing solutions. 

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Online Course Development

Our designers partner with L&S instructors to design and develop online courses for the UW Online Undergraduate Degree programs, summer courses, and select offerings for the traditional academic year. We can help instructors and departments creatively address their teaching needs with proven design strategies and technology solutions with a focus on the student experience.

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Instructional Media Development

Our staff support project-based instructional audio and video production in L&S. Support may include a combination of pre-production, principal-production, post-production, and/or access to specialized facilities and equipment. Due to demand, we prioritize projects that are part of L&S Teaching and Learning Administration initiatives or that are developed within L&S for the benefit of students in UW-Madison credit courses. 

Please read more about our IDC Studio Spaces. Then, schedule an initial consultation to determine your project scope, scale, and technology requirements.

Evaluation and Assessment Help

We partner with instructors to design and implement evaluations and assessments focused on making small improvements to course designs over time. Regularly gathering feedback from students during your course can help you understand what technologies, course materials, course activities, and assessments are working well for your students. 

To get started gathering, organizing, or acting on feedback from your students and assessments, please schedule a consultation.

Instructor Professional Development

We partner with colleagues across campus to offer professional development to L&S instructors, including Teaching Assistants, that focuses on evidence-based pedagogy and the effective use of technology for teaching. Our staff contribute to campus-wide initiatives, like TeachOnline@UW, work with L&S departments to provide customized training, and curate self-service resources for instructors.

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