L&S Design for Learning Series

The L&S Design for Learning Series in red with three red barsWithin our Design for Learning Series, our team explores topics pertinent to teaching and learning within the College of Letters & Science.

We choose topics based on input from the L&S community, trends we observe in our work with L&S instructors, and current news and events.

Within each article, we rely on research literature to identify effective practices, gather examples and input from L&S instructors and students, and share practical steps and considerations to help you try something new in your classroom.

Current Articles

Revise Assignments in Response to Generative AI

What do we know about student and instructor perspectives on generative AI? How are these perspectives shaping classroom activities and vice-versa? What adaptations to assignments have been successful for instructors and students in L&S? Explore examples from L&S instructors and read L&S student perspectives on using generative AI in assignments.

Portrait of Shawn Green

Encourage Metacognitive Skills with Retrieval Practice

Which study strategies are most effective? Can classroom activities impact students’ study habits? In addition to helping students better retain knowledge, transparently building effective learning strategies into your course lets students practice good habits and experience their effectiveness. Explore an example from Psychology Professor Shawn Green plus tips and considerations for your own context.

Hold Effective & Inclusive Office Hours

Why are inclusive office hours important? What practices can make office hours more accessible to and inclusive of your students? Explore examples from other L&S instructors, feedback from L&S students, and research-backed practices you can apply to your office hours.

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We want to hear your ideas for future articles in our Design for Learning Series! We focus on local L&S examples, backed by research, that can help solve common teaching challenges. We gather input from instructors and students, as well as research literature. What teaching topic or trend would you like to know more about?

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