Media Development

Our team collaborates with L&S instructors to craft captivating and effective instructional materials that empower both educators and learners.

Support often includes some combination of consultation, specialized facilities, equipment, video production, and/or digital editing. We usually begin with a meeting to better understand each project’s unique needs.

What Sets Us Apart:

Creative Excellence. Our staff strives to blend creativity with technical know-how in order to help instructors create effective and intellectually enriching content. We’re happy to share examples of recent work.

Tailored Solutions. We understand that each academic discipline has unique needs. We have a strong track record of tailoring our support to suit diverse subjects, learning designs, and levels of expertise.

Robust Technologies: We do our best to select long-lasting reliable technologies that result in appealing visuals and sonically accurate recordings.

Humility and Curiosity. We are dedicated to helping instructors realize their teaching goals with instructional audio and video. And we are always curious to understand the factors that drive creative decision-making.

Quality and Accessibility. We are committed to delivering standards-based media that leverages supported technology and can be used and reused for instruction in L&S credit courses.

Getting Started

Please contact us for more information about using our studio spaces, including training and development support, or about other media development projects.

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IDC Studio Spaces

Audio Studio 248 is a quiet space for recording, planning, and meeting.

The sound-isolated room is an ideal space for recording high-quality instructional media. A computer is available for screen recording and editing.

The booth is outfitted with a height-adjustable desk. An M1 iMac and a USB microphone come set up in its standard configuration.

Equipment and Software:

  • M1 iMac + Camtasia
  • Audio Technica USB Microphone

Other Available Equipment

  • Sound Devices MixPre-3 audio interface/recorder
  • Shure SM7B dynamic microphones (2)
  • 4K document camera

Video Studio 368 is a bright, acoustically treated production space for recording lectures, presentations, or podcasts.

This space, currently being refreshed, is acoustically treated and can be used for video or audio recordings.

Key features:

  • An area set up to record lectures or video messages
  • A small group audio recording zone for up to 3 people
  • An iMac + Camtasia for screen recording

Media Development Staff

David Macasaet

Position title: Instructional Media Producer


Phone: 608-265-8945

Van Hise Hall

Erika Schock

Position title: Instructional Design & Production Studio Assistant


Phone: 608-262-4261

Van Hise Hall