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The L&S Exchange Podcast is all about teaching in the UW-Madison College of Letters & Science. Each episode is less than 30 minutes long and features instructors from across L&S as they share stories of success, ongoing challenges, and their perspective on teaching and learning.

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  • Episode 14: Bonus! Wrap-Up and Teaser

    We wrap up 2023 with a thank you to all our guests, supporters, and listeners. And we tease our upcoming limited series. Listen now to find out what’s up next in 2024!

  • Portrait of Sam Pazicni

    Episode 13: Authentic Science Assessment: Striking a New Note

    Sam Pazicni shares how his background in music performance and the Science Practices from the Next Generation Science Standards have influenced his approach to creating authentic, equitable assessment.

  • Dr. Janet Batzli wearing a hat and smiling with grass and yellow daffodils in the background

    Episode 12: Community and Relationships in Learning

    In this episode, Laura Schmidli speaks with Dr. Janet Batzli about inclusive practices in Biocore, experiential learning, student leadership and mentoring, threshold concepts, and ways of knowing within a discipline.

  • Episode 11: Perspectives on the Total Classroom

    In this episode, we talk with Cindy I-Fen Cheng, who shares how her teaching practice has evolved to better account for her own well-being and positionality.

  • Brittney Edmonds in front of shelved books smiling and wearing a maroon blazer

    Episode 10: The First Day of Class

    We get ready for the first day of Fall semester with three L&S instructors, who share how they prepare for the first class and create an inclusive classroom atmosphere.

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What are listeners saying?

“Lots of practical strategies and teaching tips are found in every episode! Make sure you have a pencil in hand to jot down notes as you listen. The After Show provides additional insights.”
– Barbara Bruno

“Brilliant and well-crafted. What kinds of expectations constitute a hidden curriculum? What struggles are useful for learning, and what aren’t? Worth a listen.”
– Diana Wheeler, commenting on Episode 10