Laura Schmidli

Position title: Instructional Technology & Engagement Specialist


Phone: 608-262-8790

Van Hise Hall

Portrait of Laura Schmidli

About Laura

Laura (she/her) supports L&S instructors in creatively using technology for teaching and learning. She consults with individuals and teaching teams on course design, assignment and activity design, and soliciting and using feedback to improve teaching. Laura also contributes to instructional engagement projects, including the L&S Exchange Podcast and the L&S Teaching Network, and leads the creation of the L&S Design for Learning Series

Laura’s foundational training as a librarian means she values and has developed skills in literature searching, asking good questions, organizing information, and transparently and openly sharing knowledge. She brings this background to her current work in order to assess instructor and student needs, plan and design creative solutions, gather feedback to inform decisions, and offer practical advice. Laura has taught first year seminars and courses in information management, in addition to guest lecturing as a librarian. She has also worked at Epic Systems and Madison College.

Laura loves to read as a way to explore and you can see what she’s currently reading on Goodreads. She welcomes reading recommendations! She’s also committed to commuting by bicycle, and enjoys devising new ways to exercise and train her dog.