The L&S Exchange

Starting in the Spring semester of 2023, we are launching the L&S Exchange, a collection of initiatives designed to help our community sustain conversations and explore high-value ideas in teaching and learning. The Exchange is built around the idea of reciprocity.

Everyone has something to offer. Everyone has something to receive.

The L&S Exchange is brought to you by L&S Teaching and Learning Administration and the L&S Instructional Design Collaborative with partnerships from across the College and the UW-Madison campus.

The Exchange podcast is all about teaching in the UW-Madison College of Letters & Science. The podcast features instructors from across our College as they share stories of success, ongoing challenges, and their perspectives on a range of topics in teaching and learning. Season 1 will focus on the many dimensions of inclusive teaching, with stories from inside the classroom and beyond.

In episode 1, we hear from L&S Dean Eric Wilcots on his passion for teaching and philosophy on inclusive education.

Listen to Episode 1

The Exchange Teaching Network is a light and flexible framework for peers to pursue teaching excellence together. This resource will provide interactive materials to explore timely and relevant teaching topics. We also provide discussion guides for departments, teaching teams, and cross-disciplinary groups to reflect, adapt, and apply concepts to their own context.

Our first iteration will explore inclusive teaching. Look for more information in February, or connect below to receive updates.

Connect & Share

Connect with us to receive updates. We also want to learn from your experience. We invite you to share examples from your teaching, suggest inclusive strategies, and offer your ideas to make The Exchange a useful resource for all of L&S.

Connect & Share

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